The Feast of Human Vices

from by Dog Prison

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he always saw the world through the lens of black and white
blindly slewing demons in the name of humanity
taking up arms for what he saw was right

at the feast of human vices
he was ordered to seal a tunnel
connecting the human and demon world
where he witnessed privileged humans
toying with demons they'd ensnared
torturing them
and bathing in their blood
for only a sense of power
and depraved enjoyment
enacting cruelties greater than he'd ever seen
with no motivation other than their own twisted pleasure

black and white were blurred
flipped upside down
finding out humanity is just as cruel as the demon world

he was horrifyingly confused
about the nature of humans
what do you do when your world is flipped upside down

unable to handle his own discovery
he was driven insane
and he slaughtered everyone there
he began to question the sanctity of humanity

developing multiple personalities to carry his various burdens
and turning against his own kind
he vowed to destroy the human race


from DEMO TAPE, released May 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Dog Prison Little Rock, Arkansas

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