by Dog Prison

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released May 7, 2017

emily-screaming and moaning
elgin-annoying noises



all rights reserved


Dog Prison Little Rock, Arkansas

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Track Name: Dumpster Dream Girl
swimming in dumpster trash
i'm your dumpster dream girl
you say you don't wanna date me
hate me cause you ain't me

you tell me that i'm gross
and you say i'm a piece of trash
why are you so obsessed with me
and everything i do

swimming in dumpster trash
i'm your dumpster dream girl
boots filled with dumpster juice
i haven't showered in a week

i always catch you staring
you tell me that i'm gross
bow down bitch, i'm the trash queen of your dreams
i see the way you look at me

swimming in dumpster trash
i'm your dumpster dream girl
can't catch me cause i'm greasy
i'll slip right through your hands
Track Name: Meat Market
capital brands the bodies of women
searing its seal painfully on our flesh
cauterizing growth
it tells us what we need

and what we want
and how to be
and how to be beautiful

sex sells

oppression has become fundamental
to the feminine existence
our oppression supports your economy

we are afraid
we are afraid of our own flesh
afraid of taking up space

let me live
just let me live in my own meat

grade me
grade me
like i'm your meat puppet

rate me
rate me
please please please

grade me
rate me
like i'm your meat puppet

we are afraid
we are afraid of your flesh
afraid of your abuse
afraid of what you will do

are you human or are you slave
Track Name: Purging
i can feel your laugh crawl under my skin
and peel my flesh from my bones
there is a jacket of hate radiating off of me
and i wish that you could feel it

i wish it would singe your skin off with the heat that i feel it

i wish i could escape the shadow looming over me
but it's everywhere i look
you're everywhere i look

i can feel you purging yourself from my life
from my body
dragging your nails down my insides
making your escape

i bury my face
deeper inside
deeper inside my body
looking for a way in

i want to take control
always around
looking for a way out

i can feel you cracking my bones
beating me down
my muscles clench
and my body tightens
Track Name: The Feast of Human Vices
he always saw the world through the lens of black and white
blindly slewing demons in the name of humanity
taking up arms for what he saw was right

at the feast of human vices
he was ordered to seal a tunnel
connecting the human and demon world
where he witnessed privileged humans
toying with demons they'd ensnared
torturing them
and bathing in their blood
for only a sense of power
and depraved enjoyment
enacting cruelties greater than he'd ever seen
with no motivation other than their own twisted pleasure

black and white were blurred
flipped upside down
finding out humanity is just as cruel as the demon world

he was horrifyingly confused
about the nature of humans
what do you do when your world is flipped upside down

unable to handle his own discovery
he was driven insane
and he slaughtered everyone there
he began to question the sanctity of humanity

developing multiple personalities to carry his various burdens
and turning against his own kind
he vowed to destroy the human race
Track Name: The Taller the Ears, the Closer to GOD
i see the way you look at me
look at me
underneath my clothes
underneath my sheets

i can feel your eyes always on me
you're always watching me

your eyes cling to my skin
my skin twitches and you notice

you always have to be touching me
you're always watching
everything i do

crawling on top of me
always on top of me

your fur pricks against my skin
as your nails claw into me
scarring me

you're obsessed

too hot, too hot
under these covers

Frank get off of me
i can't take it anymore
i love you but get off of me
i cant take it anymore